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Brand and Culture

Many do ask if there was ever a ‘tea culture’ in the GCC. Researchers believe that tea was integrated to the GCC culture and that coffee had a greater presence. Lipton tea’s yellow label was introduced to the Arab Peninsula in the 1980s where it developed marketing campaigns to connect Arabs to the brand by presenting tea as a conversation starter that was served at business meetings, a tool that connects people together and a relaxing drink that can be enjoyed at home. The tea brand wanted to have a “deeper” connection with the Arab community and decided to add an educational approach to its ads to enlighten children about Arabian wildlife, which was by motivating them to collect postcards of animals found in every tea package. Children were very interested in collecting postcards and learning something new. The art of collecting was considered a popular hobby which helped attract children to Lipton Tea’s campaign and relate to it. The educational campaign was introduced in 1985.

Some brands have a great impact on people in the GCC, Lipton Tea is one of those brands, in fact it was never titled as a “foreign brand” by the Arab community, it was always part of their culture.