The Cruel Sea

In 1972, Kuwait introduced "بس يا بحر" (which is translated to The Cruel Sea), was the first Kuwaiti Drama film that was introduced to the world starring Mohammed Almansour, Saad Alfaraj, Hayat Alfahad, Ahmed Alsaleh, Ali Almofeedi and Amal Baker. The film was written by Abdulrahman Alsaleh and directed by Khalid Alsiddiq. The film won international awards and was also selected as the Kuwaiti entry for the Best Foriegn Language Film for the 45th Academy Awards yet was unfortunately not accepted as a nominee. The story of the film is about pearl divers in old Kuwait who cherished the sea and treated it as their "good friend" because it offered them fish and pearls. The sea then turns "cruel" when it took the life of a young pearl diver called Mosaed and many young men. The film highlights the life in Kuwait in the early thirties and fourties and how they depended on pearl diving and fishing before oil was found. It highlights the concept of superstition and how people would do certain acts such as burning a broom and throwing it in the sea to keep evil away. It is an emotional film that discusses the idea of losing loved ones and this love/hate relation with the sea.