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To Dad and Mom, with Love

A little show called "إلى أبي و أمي مع التحية" which translates to “To Dad and Mom with love” premiered its first episode in 1979 on Kuwait TV. For two seasons, the show portrayed a middle class Kuwaiti family of six members: Saoud (Father), Aisha (Mother), two sons (Ahmed and Naser) and two daughters (Layla and Huda). All members cared about one another, they also encountered various life issues such as trouble at school, friendship issues or stress at work but they all sat together at the end of each episode and opened up and listened to each other. Season two which aired in 1982 had an additional member (Faisal), who joined the family and played a very young boy who brought joy to the family. The five children attracted teens and the younger demographics who related to the different experiences that the characters encountered in the show which highlighted interesting storylines between its characters

Saoud's family were the Brady Bunch of the Arab Peninsula. Every situation had a lesson to take away from it. The reason why such shows were successful is because they were simple and “real”. The show gave viewers the opportunity to understand the importance of life lessons, parental advice and most of all the importance of family and that family will always come first.