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Heroes and villains is a translation of a famous TV series called "Madinat Alriyah" which translates to the City of Wind. The TV series was written by author Tarek Al-Othman and directed by Abdulrahman Alshaiji which was then produced and aired on Kuwait Television in 1988. This translation reflects the story of a battle between good and evil, it is the story of Ajaj, a good man who lost his way in the darkness during his search for his real identity. The story takes place in Madinat Alriyah, a peaceful city that was invaded by two villains, Alqam and Haizabona who were sent by their father the Great Haizabon to spread greed and evil among people. Their goal was to control the king and destroy everything that is good. During Ajaj's journey, he encounters a beautiful soul called Yasmine who helps him find the truth and battle evil.