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Meet the Villain

There have been a number of popular series that highlighted villains and heroes. Khaled Al-Obaid was famous for playing the villain in many important TV series such as "الطماعون"  which aired in 1989. The title “الطماعون” which translates to the “Greedy” enabled audiences to follow the journey of a young man called Salman who was left in the sea by three villains Tabbag, Ta’amar and Teryag. All three villains wanted Salman’s late father’s fortune and their aim was to cast him away. Khaled Al-Obaid also played Aalgam in the 1988’s popular TV series "مدينة الرياح" which translates to the City of Wind. The series was inspired from the classic Arabian Nights: Tales from One Thousand and One Nights. The story talks about the life of Ajaj who is the lost son of the king of the City of Wind, a good man who wanted to find his father. Aalgam, along with his sister Haizabuna were sent by their father, the king’s enemy, to turn Ajaj into a villain. In this series, Aalgam seeks to cause significant destruction in the city and create hate among people. Khaled Al-Obaid will always remain the number one actor who mastered the role of the villain.