Our Joan of Arc

In 1982, "الغرباء" a TV show that translates to "Strangers" captured the hearts of people when it introduced the audience to a young courageous lady called Hend who was played by actress Me’aad Awwad. The story takes place in the 14th century in a city called "مدينة العواصف  which translates to “The City of Storms”. Hend was a leader in that city, a place that believed that women could not fight, let alone be their ‘savior’.

Hend have always wanted to help the poor and defend them. One day she found an old chest in her late father’s room that had a warrior armor, she looked at it as a sign. By disguising herself as a warrior and with the help of her brother, Hend was able to keep the city safe. She was the “Joan of Arc” on every TV screen in the region. People in the GCC were not used to see a female warrior portrayed in a TV show, the idea was very new to them because most of them knew of female heroines of Arabia from books or Egyptian movies. The show changed people’s perspective on Arab women and their ability to perform strong characters on screen. Arab women can definitely be warriors and can be ‘leaders’.