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The Time of The Shoemaker

"Zaman Aleskafi" زمان الإسكافي which translates to The Time of the Shoemaker, is a Kuwaiti comedy TV series that was produced in 1998 starring late legend Abdulhussain Abdulredha, Soaud Abdulla, Ghanem Alsaleh, Ahmad Johar, Jassim Alnabhan, Khaled Ameen, Huda Alkhateeb and Lamya Tariq. The story was inspired from the famous "One Thousand and One Nights" which is a collection of Middle Eastern folk tales compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age. The story is about a good-hearted emporer who did not want to live in the shadows and was keen to know his state's needs, help the poor and fight corruption. The emperor finds Marouf, a poor shoemaker, who happens to look exactly like him. The emperor decides to make a deal with Marouf and switch places with him. Marouf then moves to the palace with his wife Dalila (played by actress Soaud Abdulla) to live a new life as an emporer while the real emperor became a shoemaker where he got to see the "corruption" that is happening in his state. The TV series was written by Zuhair Aldujaili and directed by Abdulaziz Almansour Alarfaj.